The Dissection I

I wasn’t molded like that but it was written within the blueprints of my genes. I was also a product of my environment, a very destructive environment… I turned out okay… or at least not bad. I kept paying my dues but I forgot to keep the receipts thus I get no refund of life whatsoever, It is what it is until I acquire the means to make it otherwise, not an available option within these terrains.

They weren’t bad. Not at all!… I know I was thou… or at least according to their convenience. I just couldn’t adapt to the constantly changing dynamics of that social unit. They needed to evolve to another level and I was lacking behind. They all had matching colors which blended in perfectly with their backgrounds, mine were beautifully deformed, both the colors and the background.

She wanted the love, the glamour and the romance. I wanted a peace of mind, something she didn’t involve in her priorities. She wanted the warm heart that would sooth that pain… but the cold hearted have forgotten what that is. I was miserable… and misery loves the company that she refused to offer…

You and I, we are not the same… You’re from planet Earth, I’m from planet Neptune. You get to have the luxury of Time-Space Fabric and my time is so little it can fit into a small hole space… I’m just different that’s all… To you that’s strange! To me that’s normal!


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