For this life I live, with all its times and tribulations, I’m thankful. For every precious breath I breathe, for all the simplicity and complications it offered, for all the harsh beautiful lessons, I’m thankful.

To this planet that showed me both its belle and ugly sides, for every mountain, river, shore. For every different soil my feet touched and to the Nile, desert and jungle I hail from with every bit of its harsh nature, I’m truly thankful.

For many friends that I have that bare up with me, for many friends I had that put a smile on my face upon their memory, for the buried but never forgotten and for those that don’t know me but helped me through without knowing, I’m thankful.

For family who did their best and raised me right. For family that keep me connected to roots a for ancestors that gave me both cursed and blessed genes, I’m thankful.

For myself that endured a lot with me, and for being so patient with my harshness, I’m thankful.

For God Almighty, the First, Last and everything in between, Who’s been merciful and kind to me, and for never forsaking me…
I am thankful.