Class B Friend

A bunch of us were arguing in this seemingly high class cafĂ© about the definition of “best friend”. Me, of course wanting to make the most use of this discussion since I don’t have one and I’m trying to recall if I ever did.

In high school it was quite simple since being cool was the only criteria that made you eligible for such a prestigious position… and for me it was basically the type of music you listend to that made you “the cool” that you are.

People always get disappointed with me because at first glance they perceive me as this deep person with a lot to offer to a constantly evolving in-need to-intelect world until they find out that I hold no such attributes except for a low attention span and a loud voice. So I’m left in relationships where I’m constantly having to explain my medical conditions to escape awkward moments real friends should not put you in. So I’m in constant guard trying so hard not to be my real self around people I don’t know because if they beam negative vibes towards me it will stick on for days.

I don’t have any smart friends because I didn’t supscribe to the feminist-loving, LGBT-defending club… I don’t have any smart friends because I still live and the dark ages and believe in the existence of a god.

The end result of such dynamics puts me in a category of the “Class B Friend”, which is not realy a bad classification. It simply means that you’re the friend that “I’ll try my best to make time for” and perhaps see while I’m trying to meet other people on the real friends roaster.

This is mere self expression and if you pity me please take your pity and shove it… I don’t need it just like I don’t need a “best friend”. All I need is genuine person that when I meet, even after years, will keep it true!