The Dissection II

From the dirt that we are, it’s only logical that our deeds are dirty. The childhood that we lived seeded this rotten apple, with every sin imaginable done before our bones grew stronger. God’s been good to the wicked, but they not know the blessing bistoud upon them, saved from every pit they fall in, they not recognize the mercy.

The childhood full of fear and neglect only produced an outcome of a being hard as an eggshell, the cold hearted have moved on, but those few chosen chose to chase that blessing… that mercy… that divine love. But creatures of the other side refuse to surrender this easly, thus opposite forces are fighting for the price of worthless souls.

Chasing shartered dreams and false acception was a hallmark of blank minds on an intellectual spree. The power of knowledge given by the creator of knowledge went unnoticed by them who hold the valuable treasure they not know.

The Ten bestowed upon that child of Isreal on the mountain bear no humor, yet we chose to take them lightly because our excuse was that we are still young! Regardless of the tens of loved ones we lost in their prime…

I only fear the unknown that is definitely coming… definitely! Because prophecy must be fulfilled and when it’s all said and done… kingdom come, and we’re going to wish that to the dirt that we are from, we never ever returned… or maybe God will save your soul.


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