Beautiful visits

I always knew that one day I’m going to meet her and she’s going to make the rest of my days better.

Well, last night I did. I had the most wonderful visit anyone can hope for. I don’t know how it happened but coincidence is a charm sometimes. I was so sad and worried about something or another thing and she just came from a far to calm me down, like she saw the pain in me and couldn’t just watch anymore. She stepped up and took me away from all the people surrounding me and soothed me with kind words and comfort, I don’t remember her exact words but I don’t care because they were effective enough.

It was a dark humid summer night and we were somewhere by the shores, many of us, just out to relax on a weekend, everyone was wearing dark colors, including her.

She looked exactly like her pictures, and that’s hard to come by these days. Lean, dark and easy on the eyes, she seemed a bit taller than I expected.

I haven’t felt this happy for a really long time, especially in this place where I met her. She told the greatest comfort testimony on this side of the mirage. With a light hug and a pad on the back and suddenly everything was alright.

The human touch is important. No matter what they tell you about only needing yourself, don’t listen to them, they lie… you just need a good combination of both human and touch. You can not live alone, you can only cope and survive.

Before I tried to look in her eyes to see her features well and thank her, the alarm went off, we need to go make a living it said, stop dreaming.
What if I hit the snooze button? Will that help keep the dream alive for a bit more?

I never gave her a name yet, she has a name… but not one I’ve given her, I’m working on that.

What if, just what if… I call her and tell her all about our meeting?