The Perfect Formula

There exists a formula for this thing… this paradox of strange things we do everyday and call living.

Only a few have mastered it, the rest of us are just pretending or claim that we have. In a way… it’s our own formula that our subconscious developed and deemed as “perfect”, though the apex of our higher functions realizes other wise.

Beyond the physical that we have voluntary caged ourselves into, there exist a free power of will where the form of living is not dictated to you,
Where the spirit is connected to higher grounds, and where you see things more clear than the rest of us herd members, where love is still pure and devoid of deception and lust, where values stillĀ matter, and reality is not as scary as it is now.

A formula where with in, goodness pays and so does evil … a hefty price.

A path where solitude is nirvana and God is your only judge and refuge.

A road where death can be both painful and beautiful, and the end of days are highly feared and anticipated.
There exists a perfect formula… I know so because I’ve seen it… but I failed to memorize it.