Premature Eulogy

That kind of brilliance always comes with envy, and as such, negative energy and the evil eye stares at success to demean and supress it.

He was a guys with a simple countryside upbringing, an ambitious child of the periphery that made it big in the city.

He was the best in his batch, earned more money than most of his teachers as soon as he graduated. and was simply a reliable doctor. He loved everything good, he bought the best clothes and had the latest technology at his fingertips, he just loved discovering the world.

Generous to everyone. took care of others and took me under his wing when I was away in a city I knew nothing of and knew nobody from. He literally fed and sheltered us. I was fortunate enough to repay that debt later.

But like every other story goes, there was a darker side to the story, for a man can not exist with out his vices… his were deadly.

And like every other story in the book, his story involved work stress, family stress and of course… a girl. He went tumbling down the rabbit hole, though I was fooled for a minute that he has taken a different path.

Specific stories are mine and those close to him worthy of such stories. I have a lot of them, but to tell you the truth… I’m at a point in life where I’m really tired of writing about dead friends. Tired of having too many of them.

May God Bless and Forgive.
One day I will tell the greatest eulogy ever told of you.