Sleep Deprivation

This world we enjoy, this technology and science… was theirs, and though they never tell it, it’s embedded in their subconscious… the superior gene code!

Why shouldn’t they?
They dectated to us most of the morals that we flaunt. Those higher values that our “old age societies” just can’t evolve to (insert sarcastic pressed voice here)

They need not to remind you that they invented your modern clothes, those automobiles you drive and the aircraft you board while you’re looking down on everyone as you arrogantly take your 18A economic flight seat.

Regardless of cause or effect, they are the superior race and we have so subconsciously admired everything they are and everything they do… but so proudly and in a hypocritical manner, we claim their despise and everything they stand for.

We Africans, of all other entities, have admired their strength, their sophistication and simply everything they do because they always seem to do it better and more elegantly than us. It was always convenient because the ‘Khwaja’ made it so, and there was no room to argue with the masters from beyond the great sea up north!

I have a lot to say but so little time because the flight attendant is telling me to switch off my phone and I don’t really feel like continuing this on flight mode, so this is dedicated to the white young lady with the red hair sitting in seat 18D who tried to strike a casual conversation with me but I wasn’t in the mood to do so because I was too hungry and sleepy… she was probably a good person, but she will not get a special treatment because I just let down one of own skin and blood and he had a priority… I’m so sorry to both of them!