Flight of Ideas and Thoughts about Thoughts

Since this is NOT a good note
I thought I might write down some thoughts about thoughts so this is what I wrote

I walk with my head held high, not because I’m proud but because I walk around shameless
Vision aimless
Thinking out loud but never knowing where my brain is
And the box I’m supposed to think out of… I found it wrapped tighter than punch fist
And through the eyes of Medusa, I can see my soul faint and my ego getting crueler
And she promised me to save it
BTW, touché, good game how you played me
I’m going off-point this isn’t about her
It’s about thoughts and delusions
Yes! I’m all in them
Self-conscious prick see I could take a good tip
But I’m keen to refuse destructive criticism
That’s how I view each and every thought through my manic analyism
and yes that’s a word, I looked it up
So you word nazis don’t give me an anurism
All I do is put a few thoughts in a pad and they’re revived when I kiss them
And BTW, those who played me, please tell them that I miss them

Yo back again to my thoughts, cuz I’m going off-point and I can’t see the point that I started to begin with
Oh yeah
See the rage is my fuel
So I might sound cruel
But these are MY thoughts
So mind your own business
And you never really played me
But I got too involved never knowing what the risk is

No wait! I’m talking about thoughts and how my brain never fought never clinched like fist did

Just some flight of ideas and thoughts about thoughts
So I can say it’s something that I wrote

I guess #ThisIsAGoodNote


*Dedicated to the little brothers that inspired my pen to write again


愤怒 (Fennu)


Rage is the real gate way to hell
It spins you in an endless loop
And drops you in a deep well of despair with a slippery slope

Now escape is very tricky because rage is intelligent and you have to be smarter
They say the troubles that we go through only makes us harder
But lately I’ve seen people only go softer
and if the good die young then we gained a lot of martyrs
Or lost a lot of souls for the grim reaper’s calls
God have mercy on Amar Dirar

Rage got me slowly slipping away to be alone
Now all I want to do is just find me a spot in the shade and call it home

I haven’t been looking at people’s eyes lately cause nowadays all these faces look the same to me
I guess it’s true humans, we are made of dirt
The more filth I see the more my heart hurts
Been talking about loyalty alot
Now how does it feel to be stabbed by the knife of treachery in the back
And your so-called friend was a part of it
Had me screaming in rage
I can’t believe it even you Sparticus?
Or was Brutus?
Either way he shouldn’t do this

But I don’t blame him I blame my own rage and other emotions like guilt
Although this is how I’m built
Yet they told me you shouldn’t follow those who follow their hearts
And thus follow our minds and leave emotions apart.



(For the 4th chapter of the 5th book – Nas With Notepads – Mon 4/4/16)