My younger brother’s wedding is coming up and we are out tuxedo shopping, I’ve got a good stash so we’re going big with this one, visiting high class shops.
At Boggi Milano we found a tuxedo that costs 3,000 UDS, excluding the shirt and the bow tie, to put things in prospective, that is half of the money I used to renovate my Mother’s flat back home.

The mall was full of such expensive places, it was a hot day in Ramadan and people still filled the shops… cash was flowing and credit cards were flashing all over the place, my brother told me that these people are just killing time before iftar.

I found a fairly reasonable price watch that I really liked, but I was confused with the question of “Do I really need another watch?”, which was superseded by the question “Why are you making money in the first place if you’re not going to spend it?” Then I remembered what a 100$ would’ve done for my budget 8 month ago when I was struggling back home.

I’m enjoying spending my earnings and that feeling of joy is bringing me anxiety, if that makes any sense at all.

Brands and logos, custom made and limited editions… I will enjoy them, but will forever despise them and what they stand for, and one day I will free myself from them again…insha’Allah.

Do you think we bought the tuxedo or not?