Forbidden Fruit

Some african tribes have developed a smart way to capture monkeys… they carve a coconut making a hole small enough to fit the hand but not the fist of the creature, and then they put a fruit in there and tie the coconut to a tree. The monky will put its hand in, grab the fruit but he can’t get it out! The hunters quickly storm in and capture the greedy being and instead of letting go of the fruit to free its hand and save itself, it still tries to hold on.

I worked hard for what I’ve achieved and it did not come easy as much as I try to convince myself for the sake of humbleness. But still despite the best conditions that I’m currently living I always keep wondering about my own fruit. Strange feeling to a man who just, a couple months ago, was suffering to make ends meet.

Getting too comfortable was the exact thing I was trying to dodge through out my life. I was always a backpacker who was getting ready to abandon ship if it goes down… I’m settling in, and I’m not completely comfortable with it.

I’m dull and my brain isn’t functioning as it used to, I finally made it Ma! I’ve joined the herd.

The monkey wasn’t greedy. He had no other alternatives.

May Allah Bless Abdi Hassan
My Somali brother Who died in Mogadishu trying to help his people and himself… may you reach the Gardens and have everlasting peace, amen.


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