Brown Stallions & Small Cubes

To bring the idea striaght home, I am a predictable feller

Depth is relative and how deep or shallow you manifest your thoughts is only defined by the precipitation of the parties involved.

But what drives us to be so?
Why are we seeking it?
and how important is to be recognized by other?
Which types of individuals do we want them to recognize it?
Is it a true alteration or is it pure freudism?
How important is the role of approval in being deep?

And sarcastically speaking what is the role of caffeine and nicotine?
How vital is it to our existence?

And honestly does anyone really give a ****?
Where do looks fit in all of this?
What criteria is there to judge and rate?

I chose a small glass cube, a steel ladder, a brown wild stallion and pretty yellow flowers that the storm that’s on it’s way is going to spoil… and it had nothing to do with my precipction of things, although I did love the illustration!

And on another unrelated but not so far note: Global Warming is real!


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